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Illuminate Pediatric Therapy provides comprehensive evaluations for speech, language and feeding concerns. Briana also has specialized training in assessment of tongue tie, oral motor function and myofunctional disorders. 


Briana works with families to create individualized treatment plans to address goals that are important for both your child and your family. Briana believes in prioritizing building connections with clients and their families to meet our goals together.


Illuminate offers coaching sessions to families who want support with development at home. Briana is able to draw from her expertise in early intervention to offer support with the development of communication, play, social and feeding skills.

  • Articulation & phonology

  • Receptive language (comprehension)

  • Expressive language (use of language)

  • Feeding disorders

  • Picky eating

  • Tongue & lip tie

  • Oral motor difficulties

  • Myofunctional disorders

  • And more!

Some commonly treated areas are...

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